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Social Media and Me January 21, 2011

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I started writing this blog by doing a bit of research and looking up a list of the top social media sites. Of course, Facebook, Twitter, and good ol’ MySpace made the list. When asked what social media sites I use, I discovered that I use Facebook, Photobucket, YouTube, and WordPress. While Twitter made the list, it is not one I am currently using; this is because a 140-word limit does not appeal to my rambling mind. Maybe, however, the word limit Twitter enforces causes people to get to the point of whatever they are saying.

I have never podcast anything although I would be interested in learning more about podcasting how-to’s or some pointers for beginners. Learning more about podcasting is definitely a good idea given that my major is Communications, and a podcast is merely another method of communicating something to someone else.

I have been on Facebook for the past four years. I use it mainly for keeping in touch with former classmates, family members, and people I worked with when I served as a camp counselor. I’ve also used Facebook to learn more about potential employers. I post pictures, songs, and links to articles or websites that I find interesting.

Photobucket is a totally fun site. I realize there are several photo editing sites, programs, and software, but this is the one that I am the most familiar with. I love all of the different ways to tweak, enhance, or even distort photos. It’s a hobby I recently began, and I plan on continuing in it to see what I can learn.

YouTube is another one of my frequented sites. I’ve seen everything from popular music videos to political campaigns, from public services announcements to movie trailers and clips, from church sermons to comedians as well as random home videos. There is virtually every genre of media on YouTube which only enhances the site’s popularity.


2 Responses to “Social Media and Me”

  1. msweaver28 Says:

    I am the exact same way, I have not really gotten into twitter as much as I have facebook. I do agree with you that podcasting would be an excellent way of communicating to a large scale of people easily (I am also a communications major). I haven’t looked into photobuckets site at all, I will have to do that it does sound interesting.

    Thanks for the information, Matt

  2. I would also be interested in learning the how-to’s of podcasting. I’m not exactly sure where in life I would use this knowledge, but being a Communications major as well couldn’t hurt to know. I enjoyed reading your opinions on the Social Media scene!

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