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Blog Comments January 25, 2011

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1 [Topic of the Second Week, Tiffany Hobby, 1/26/11]  Hello, I really liked your interview tips. Writing for the school paper (and hopefully other publications later on down the road), I found these really helpful. Keep working on your spelling and grammar. I know spell check is gift from God, but it can miss things occasionally. Eventually you will be able to do this stuff in your sleep. God bless, Angela

2 [My Social Media Outlets, Amber Sakis, 1/26/11] Hello! Tumblr sounds like a pretty cool site to log on to. Twitter still has not got me hooked yet, although I can foresee that changing due to this course. I have heard many people say that they get connected via Twitter. Facebook is great for photos and keeping up with friends- you know, the usual. But I wonder how long it will be relevant? MySpace had a similar audience. I guess only time will tell. Thanks for sharing! God bless, Angela

3 [“If anyone wants to track me down, let me make it easy for you.” Kyle Ashcraft, 1/26/11] First things first, I loved the title of this blog. It is so true, and it made me laugh. (But then again, I am easily entertained.) I have not begun to use Twitter yet, so I cannot cast too much judgment on it, but there thought of “tweeting” is, in my opinion, dumb. Nobody needs to know my minute-by-minute move. Facebook also has the check-into-places feature. I feel like that is code for “stalk me please.”  Also, I like the idea to listen to sermons during a drive. They are bound to be more edifying than the overplayed, trite songs. God bless, Angela

4 [Topic of the Week #1~ Social Media in Everyday Life, Laurie Cobb, 1/26/11] I saw this course as a good elective for my major (Communications). It’s been a ride already (and not necessarily a bad one)! I never viewed e-mail as a social media site, but I suppose it could be. Social media definitely influences society in huge way. I’m sorry about your friend; hopefully healing begins soon. I have never heard of Caring Bridge, but it sounds like an interesting site. I like how you connected personal and business and social interactions in social media. God bless, Angela

5 [HELPFUL TIPS FOR THE WRITER Cindy Cromeans, 1/26/11] Hello! The comma question drove me crazy, too, when my high school teacher tried to explain that a comma was, in essence, a silent “and” when placed in a group setting. Newspapers do try to save space for the most part. (The exception is when the school newspaper doesn’t have enough stories!) Since I am completely unfamiliar with the term “canard,” I chose to not read that article, but because of your blog, I now know. First, second, and third person stance did not pose a huge issue to me, but I can see how it very well could be confusing. Keep working; you’re doing a good job. God bless, Angela

6 [Types of social media I use. Matt Weaver, 1/26/11] You only have 130 friends? I have 107. Why? Because I don’t want to be friends with every seventh grader that went to my too-small Christian school. It is extremely prudent to not post information that can hurt you, not only on Facebook but also anywhere online. Things- especially less desirable things- have an eerie way of coming back to haunt us. Don’t shun all social media; in short, it’s the way the world is heading. On the other hand, it’s important to stay present in the real world rather than being constantly logged into sites. God bless, Angela

7 [Topic of the F1rst Week, Tiffany Hobby, 1/26/11] I liked the photos you found for Facebook and Twitter. I found it amusing that such modern sites have such a twist on what have become their typical logos. Proofreading, proofreading, and proofreading are the three essentials of any good piece of written (or typed) work. Read it to yourself, read it out loud, and have someone else read it. The more eyes, the merrier.  Not only will it result in better writing, but it will also result in better grades, which, in turn, should result in a better job. Keep up the good work. God bless, Angela

8 [Commenting your fellow Bloggers, Mike Trivett, 2/3/11] I understand that blogging can definitely be difficult especially in the early stages. It is always helpful to have an extra set of eyes peruse a work before turning it in, especially when it’s for a grade, but also when putting something online. Works free from grammatical errors make the writer look better. Commenting is a very important part. Until I wrote my own blog on this topic, I didn’t fully understand, either. Keep up the good work. God bless, Angela

9 [Stand Out Resumes, Christine Wilson, 2/3/11] I never knew that there were so many aspects for a PR resume. Thanks for sharing. This was very helpful. I would hope most people already know most of this stuff, but it is definitely a good reminder. I think the most helpful part was the tailored to the job part. It’s important to be knowledgeable about the job you are seeking. Keep up the good work. God bless, Angela

10 [AP What?? Angela Myers, 2/3/11] AP is for sure a headache and probably more than a half! I do not understand the reasons or logic behind AP. I just know I have to use it. Therefore, I am attempting to learn it. The good thing about AP is that it is short and to the point. In this day and age, brevity is something that most people value, especially in the media world, where time is scarce. While it is confusing, I’m sure it just takes time to get accustomed to. God bless, Angela

11 [TOW #1: My Social Media, Taylor Flumerfelt, 2/3/11] That’s great that we can use social media not only for PR purposes but also to spread word about various ministries. I still am not well acquainted with Twitter, but I have heard many positive reviews about it so far. Linkedin sounds like a great site to be part of. I can foresee it being very useful. Blogging is always an adventure! God bless, Angela

12 [Someone stole your blog content… Now what? Rachel Laflam, 2/15/11] This was really good advice. I’ve got to admit that when I heard about this topic I was kind of at a lost. I had never heard of Whois.net, but it sounds useful in this type of scenario. I would probably try contacting the host of the site or the scraper first before pursuing legal action just to save time, money, and energy; however if it became necessary, I guess I would do that. Thanks for sharing.

13 [TOW #6, Katy Carpinello, 2/15/11] The points resource was interesting. I knew they offered some resource to do with training points, but I didn’t quite understand it. So thanks for clarifying that a bit. The Journalist Certificate Program sounds interesting because it is important to understand both possible colleagues as well as competition. There are numerous ways indeed to get a start on journalism or public relations careers. Thanks for sharing.

14 [Oh, Lady Gaga…, Jordan Staggs, 2/15/11] I used to think she was merely trying to get attention and attract more fans for her growing fan base. I like how you spun this as a public relations ploy. It is very interesting how celebrities use different tactics to gain publicity and attention. From her egg arrival to her meat dress, Lady Gaga certainly never fails to intrigue and entertain.

15 [Groupon + Commercial = Fail? Emily Meade, 2/15/11] It is crazy when you think how much effort, time, and money are poured into a commercial, let alone for a Super Bowl commercial. I did not know that Andrew Mason said that the commercial would not be played. I have seen it a couple times since the Super Bowl. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. I thought it was rather off-colored myself. I feel like this ad tried to be funny and just fell flat. Hopefully, other companies will learn from Groupon and take it easy with the offensive ads.

16 [Holiday Time! Kelsey Leu, 2/15/11] I thought this was cute. Valentine’s Day tends to be way too commercialized so it is nice to see different takes on “mushy” words. I liked how some of these words were more unique than just the usual. I love the word “amour.” It is really pretty. Some of the more unique ones that were cool to me were “saccharine” and “aphrodisiac.” “Unrequited” is a rather pure word. It means that something is given without anything in return. Unrequited love- love given without expecting anything in return- is nothing less than what God did for us through Jesus. This being said, Valentine’s Day could be used to celebrate both love from a human standpoint as well as a heavenly one. Thanks for sharing.

17. [Social Media Lessons from Bieber Fever, Susan Sweenie, 2/22/11] I used to compare Justin Bieber to the Aaron Carter of my day. After reading your post, I feel as if there is something more to Justin than what I first thought. I didn’t realize all of the effort that Bieber puts into pleasing his fans. The fact that he retweets the fans’ messages truly impressed me. Thank you for sharing. I blogged off of your blog. Here is a link if you care to check it out. https://fte11210.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/bieber-fever-a-pr-phenomenon/

18 [Luke 14:12-24 The Parable of the Great Banquet, R. Jeffers, 2/27/11] Thanks for sharing this. I am deciding between this parable and the Parable of the Tenants for a paper for school I have to write. I Googled the meaning for the Parable of the Great Banquet, and this is one that came up, and it helped a lot. Your take on this passage was enlightening. Thanks again.

19 [POYNTER INSTITUTE: WHAT CAN IT DO FOR YOU? Cindy Cromeans, 3/1/11] I did not know where the instisute was located. Wow! I did not realize how many teacher-partners the institute used. The resources are numerous and helpful, especially for aspiring public relations professionals. I enjoyed seeing some of the upcoming events that the institute will be hosting. I appreciate that the institute seeks to help people of all writing levels.

20 [Apple Hospitality. Emily Meade, 3/29/11] I hadn’t heard that Apple was helping Japnese civilians out. That is pretty cool. I am so used to Apple focusing only on upping their sales that I did not expect them to do much. I know there are multiple ways to donate and help out, and I just think that this is a unique way of helping. I would be interested in learning what other big-name companies are doing to help out. It is nice to hear someithing good rather than all the negativity in the world.

21 [Commerical gone bad, Jonathan Santana, 3/29/11] Wow. I think Evil Twin sums it up nicely. I’m surprised the ASPCA or PETA didn’t sue them. It is kind of funny just because I am not a cat person, but I do not think that people who do love cats will rush to buy this car. Now that I think about it, I am surprised more commericals aren’t in trouble with organizations for their various content. I guess PR people have to relaize that they can’t please everyone.

22 [The key to all your relational problems: Scrabble, Kyle Ashcraft, 3/29/11] I haven’t played Words with Friends. I don’t really have time for it, but if it is working for Scrabble, more power to ’em! I never would have guessed that a simple phone app-game would end up in a long-lasting relationship, but I guess stranger things have happened. This was a very interesting post to read.

23 [Mafiaville, Andrew Potter, 3/29/11] I cannot stand those ridiculous pleas for cows, chickens, and other things people need for their farmville, fishville, or whatever other “ville” Facebook can come up with. There is a way to block these tiresome requests without blocking the person. I agree that people should focus on their own lives rather than live in a virtual reality.

24 [Five Things People Don’t Do – That You Should, Peter Shankman, 3/29/11] This was excellent advice. Several of these I never would have thought of. Gum is something that I go crazy if I don’t have it with me. Paying attention is simply courteous, When people don’t pay attention to something I am trying to share with them, it makes me feel unimportant. I think if more people followed these unusual tips, the world could be a slightly better place to live in.

25 [How to Speak English Like the Irish, Mignon Fogarty, 3/29/11] I have always loved the Irish’s way of speaking. Any accent is beautiful to me. I never realized the many aspects of sounding like a native of Ireland. This was a great idea to share before St. Patrick’s Day. I would love to learn another language. The difficulty and time involved are two factors discouraging me, but it would be worth it, especially if I end up travelling a lot.


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