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Confessions of a “Grammarholic” January 25, 2011

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Math, science, and music were not my strong points in high school. Math I never saw a need for; I honestly still do not because of the existence of a little box with numbers on it- a calculator. Science I found very interesting and engaging, but it involved too much memorization. Music, as beautiful as it could sound, was not where my talents were found. So, I excelled in my English classes such as reading, writing, and, of course, grammar.

One thing that I found interesting was the question, “Is it okay to end a sentence with a preposition?” I had never given this question much thought because if it sounded correct, it must be. I was surprised to see that a reference was made to Harry Potter. I am a Harry Potter fan, so the first sentence there caught my attention. Fogarty makes a point to say that it depends on the sentence. For instance, some interrogative sentences simply will not work when a preposition is left off the end of the sentence. I learned that sometimes placing prepositions is unnecessary and can be distracting. I would like to learn why so many people feel it’s incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition if it really isn’t.

Dialogue is something that every writer needs to be well-informed of. Being an aspiring writer and an avid reader, I sympathize and understand the plight of authors who attempt to present dialogue in a way that isn’t trite, but rather believable. (As a side note, isn’t it funny how most fiction needs a touch of believability for it to succeed in the market?) This article focused more on the technical aspects; I would like to learn more about creative ways to present otherwise boring yet necessary dialogue. I learned that parallel structure is crucial as to not confuse an action(s) between two different characters. I think what surprised me the most was simply that she was able to take the one sentence about Squiggly and create a blog around the simple sentence.

In the final article I perused, I learned just how many different types of journals there can be. I have kept journals before as I am sure many women can attest to. (Maybe even some men will admit to it; there’s nothing to be ashamed of!) The article listed journal types such as ideas, daily, freewriting, and dream journals. I was surprised to see dream journals as a category; then I was intrigued by the thought. So many times I wish I could remember a particular dream! I whole-heartedly agree that it is unwise to write anything you would later regret another person reading. I would like to learn more about what inspires other people to journal. Nature and relationships with others and God are some of my inspirations, but I am curious to discover what causes the pens of others to start writing.


One Response to “Confessions of a “Grammarholic””

  1. ang4546 Says:

    I applaud you for excelling in grammar. Our generation has let grammar fly out the window. This morning I viewed a website that had a picture of a shirt from a popular teenager clothing store. On the front of the shirt, in big letters it read “If your single, so am I”. I’m appalled that this was not caught in printing the shirts. Now this generation has found this to be acceptable.

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