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Backbone of a Blog February 2, 2011

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Before I share a few tips about how to write a smashing blog comment, which is one that actually means something other than, “That was a great post!”, I want to explain why I and others feel that comments are the backbone of any blog. Granted, it is the actual post that makes the blog; but without comments, posts are just ramblings taking up space online.

Blog comments give blog writers a feel for how people are responding to their blogs. Comments also provide insight from a different perspective that perhaps the writer was not aware of. A blog entitled “Blogging for Beginners” says that commenting gives bloggers a slight boost to their egos. Not only does commenting create awareness for issues, it also creates awareness for you, the commenter. When you leave a comment, your name (or username, alias, etc.) can link to your blog or page or website. Leaving comments on other blogs might inspire those blog writers to leave comments on your blog.

Purpose and value can be found through comments. Without comments, there is no interaction occurring, no sense of society. Comments generate a sense of involvement and links people separated by miles to issues as important as elections or as trivial as cooking.

So, how so you write a great blog comment? I’m glad you asked. Grammar Girl says there are nine things to keep in mind when leaving a blog comment. A few of them are as follows: be respectful, keep it short, and proofread the comment before posting. She also suggests provide context and meaning to the topic being blogged about. Commenting is not an opportunity to leave questions or opinions about random topics; this borders on being disrespectful, in my opinion.

It is recommended on the blogger’s part to respond to comments in a timely manner. Ignoring someone who acknowledged you in person is considered rude; the same is true in the blogosphere. When commenters see that their comments are appreciated and responded to,  they will likely tell other bloggers and continue commenting on your posts.


One Response to “Backbone of a Blog”

  1. heatherrose Says:

    I really enjoyed this blog because I am new to blogging and was not really sure the purpose of blog commenting, but i’m am realizing that it is helpful in many regards and mainly it is a way for the bloggers’ readers to give their feedback on how they like the authors writing. This helps the blogger to realize if there is anything they need to change in their blogs.

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