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Business: Facebook vs. Blog February 20, 2011

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I participated in the #blogchat on February 20. The purpose of this chat was to try to decide whether a blog or a Facebook page was better for businesses to use. The intended audience is arguably business owners, maybe the frequent blogger, and perhaps just the curious chat participant.

My reaction to the chat? Wow! Where do I begin? Who do I reply to first? There were many good points for both sides. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of tweets to be honest. I was not even sure if I was replying correctly to begin with. Everything moved so fast. It was very entertaining to see everyone’s opinions. More were obviously more professional than others; however, the amateur responses provided comic relief from the one who was determined to prove his point.

I learned that many people participate in these chats. having never participated in one, Iexpected only a few people; I expected it to move slower. I was wrong on both counts. More people than I could keep up with were taking part. More posts than I could read, let alone reply to. I learned that some people like to create their own topics of discussion. This was both annoying and distracting.

The sheer numbers, like I already stated, surprised me. Also the various chats offered to Twitter users wasinteresting to note as well. Twitter chats seem rather comparable to the old-school chat rooms that used to be so popular. The differing opinions and ideas were interesting to note as well. I think the thing that surprised me the most is that I actually enjoyed this.

I would like to learn more about companies that have either both a Facebook and blog page or one or the other and how having both impacted business compared to just having one. I would think that having both would have a more positive impact on business profits rather than just one. It is interesting concept to consider, though.

Overall, my reaction to this exercise was a positive one. It was an enlightening and educating experience. I think these are a beneficial, useful, fun, and smart way to stay on top of everything going on around in the world around us. Things change so quickly. Keeping informed is important and vital for both current and aspiring professionals in the public relations and journalism fields. I look forward to participating in other Twitter chats sometime in the future.


3 Responses to “Business: Facebook vs. Blog”

  1. Mack Collier Says:

    Hi there, thanks for checking out #Blogchat tonite! And actually, #Blogchat is the most active weekly chat on Twitter, so not all are that fast. Hope you’ll come back, we’d love to get to know you!

  2. It was great hearing your thoughts during #BlogChat. Yes it’s always pretty wild but a great community from all walks it seems. Regarding Facebook and Blogs, the simple answer isn’t so simple. I think it depends entirely on strategy. It’s tough to get your thoughts out in a 140 character high speed chat, I’m sure there’s more you would have liked to say but couldn’t.

    I typically teach my students / clients to choose an online “hub” where all their digital efforts lead. The hub could be a blog, social networks site, or even a typical website in some cases. The hub is where thought leadership is expressed and call to action / conversion should be highest. Then they choose Social Networks, Micro-Blogs, Blogs, directories and bookmarking sites to drive traffic to their hub. The choices are carefully made driven by strategy and resources. I teach that it is better to choose fewer channels and spend time developing those communities than hundreds of channels.

    I agree with that especially with the new strategic techniques that the Feb 10 Facebook “upgrade” bring to the table.

  3. Bruce Sallan Says:

    #blogchat is truly an amazing experience and, while I hate the overuse of the word, it’s awesome. I wrote how cool it is in an article which you or your readers may want to read:

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