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Twitter: a PR and social media wedding February 20, 2011

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While Facebook is primarily used for social media content such as music and photos, Twitter is the place that combines the social aspects of Facebook with the current events found in newsrooms. In an online debate, Brian Solis explains why Twitter can be defined as journalism. This article caught my eye because I am just beginning to learn about Twitter, so I thought it would be a good way to combine a school assignment with actual curiosity; hence this blog post was created.

Solis stated that the question was not whether or not  Twitter could be defined as a method of journalism but whether or not a tweet held the same rights as other media out there. For Solis, a better way to phrase the question posed by the debate is, “Can Tweets represent acts of journalism?”

This question intrigued me. I had never thought of Facebook statuses or Twitter updates as having the capacity to be of a journalistic quality. However, when I reconsidered the idea, I came to the conclusion of why not? After all, journalism is a methods of communicating current events, both international and local; Twitter is a way of communicating. When a user goes to post an update, the box is marked, “What’s happening?” So, my opinion is yes, Twitter might be considered a platform for journalism.

Journalists from all over the world Tweet their updates daily, hourly; even sometimes by the minute updates are being streamed across the web. Reports especially from the Middle East are being broadcast via Twitter. In places like Egypt, Bahrain, and Iran, things happen too fast for a journalist to sit down and compose an article. It makes sense to consider Twitter a form of journalism because that is precisely what it is becoming to many people.

By the time newspapers and even some television stations receive the news, much has already changed. With Twitter, streams of information are flowing constantly and are continuously being updated with the latest information. Twitter is immediate, current, and relevant which is everything that breaking news and follow-up stories should be about.


2 Responses to “Twitter: a PR and social media wedding”

  1. msweaver28 Says:

    This is very interesting, I never thought of Twitter as being a place to go for the latest news either. But you’re totally right when you say “why not?” Twitter has all the tools necessary for staying up do date on the latest topics and current events, and it is faster than TV!

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