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Bieber Fever: a PR phenomenon February 22, 2011

Filed under: PR Connections — Angela @ 9:51 PM

I used to think Justin Bieber was the Aaron Carter for today’s teenage girls. Until recently I have been a holdout when it came to becoming a fan of Bieber’s. I still consider myself far from being a screaming, swooning fan, but I am curious to see what all of the fuss is about. Until reading a blog (Social Media Lessons from Bieber Fever) that I stumbled upon, I had never considered the public relations that go into Justin Bieber and his performances, appearances, and his latest achievement, his film called Never Say Never.

Susan Sweenie, who wrote the blog, spoke of Justin Bieber’s rise to fame. His ability to have captured the hearts if so many adoring fans in so little time is truly indescribable. His success is more than mere luck or naive youth who flock to the next big thing. Sweenie argues that Bieber is a “marketing whiz.”

His mom recorded him singing/performing; YouTube was his first huge arena that he played for. His Twitter page is enormous because he replies to all of his fans. He even retweets his fans’ messages. Appearances on hot TV shows are a norm for Bieber now; he also regularly interacts with other celebrities of influence.

Sweenie says that there are three main takeaways from Bieber’s marketing techniques:

1. Listen and Engage With Your Audience.

2. Understand Your Target Audience.

3. Get Creative and Give Back.

By listening and engaging, fans/customers feel connected the cause, organization, business, or celebrity. They feel truly cared for and like their opinions and thoughts matter. They feel important and valued. Public relations practitioners need to remember that they deal with the public, yes, but that the public is made up of individuals.

Understanding the target audience will provide much greater results than if PR professionals do not understand the needs or desires of the consumer. For Bieber, he understands his fans love his music, his hair, and his personality. He therefore continues to produce his catchy tunes and keep up appearances.

Creativity and giving back are two things that have the potential to attract holdouts. Just recently he visited a children’s hospital; he is also known for giving out free tickets. Giving back shows fans that companies/celebrities are not all about money and that they do have a heart (even if some of their giving back is a PR ploy). Overall, good public relations can turn up in even the most unlikely location, such as the career of teen sensation Justin Bieber.


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