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Jeremiah 29:11-13

Oscars Helps Economy February 25, 2011

Filed under: PR Connections — Angela @ 4:17 PM

The Oscar Awards Show air every year. This is a time for directors to earn bragging rights for their films. Both leading actors and actresses as well as their supporting co-stars also are recognized for their finesse in their art. Just like with the Super Bowl or TV show finales, all of the buzz surrounding the event normally wears off within a couple days. But, my question is, is there a point to the Oscars besides allowing those who win to feel pretty good about themselves. Does winning a little golden man do anything besides look good on an acting or a directing resume?

The more I thought about it, the more I connected the awards show with the economy of the film industry. The times are, of course, hard. Everyone knows that. It has been this way for about three years now. Before I start rambling about the crumbling economy and when it might improve again, let me explain just how the movie industry gets some really good PR out of the Oscars.

The movie industry needs some help. When people have less money to spend, bills take the priority over moviegoing, and understandably so. Wise people, who might not jump at the chance to see every movie that comes out that looks cool, probably watch the Oscars or read an article about them or hear about it from coworkers, family, or friends. The excitement and hype from the Oscars usually reaches its max within a couple days, like I said. I would like to say that when less avid moviegoers hear about the results of the show they might be more intrigued to go check out a movie. Sometimes this is because their favorite actor or actress has a major role in the film; other times it is because a renowned director has produced it. Whatever the reason, the Oscars help generate interest in the film industry.


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