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Grammar: goof vs. guru February 27, 2011

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I have always prided myself on my ability to understand and use proper grammar. I even won the English award at my high school graduation. Where math and science failed to compute, English made sense to me. Despite my natural inclination to excel in the language arts, I still have a lot to learn as Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More taught me.

The main thing I learned is that I am not quite as talented in my English ability as I once thought. I learned just how big of a deal that spelling is. The course said that people will not notice how fantastic and spot-on one’s spelling in. They will, however, definitely notice if one’s spelling is atrocious. Spelling is a relatively small thing, but it greatly affects the way one’s work is received by the professional public.

I was surprised by the amount of grammatical topics this course covered. Grammar (of course), style, punctuation, and spelling were discussed. This is useful because someone might excel in spelling but need help in style or punctuation. The way this course was presented was comprehensive and helpful.

I want to learn more about can and may. I have a ongoing debate with a friend of mine. The question is: Does one use can or may when one asks someone else for something or to do something for him? For instance is it, “Can you pass me the remote?” Or is it, “May you pass me the remote?” I always was told can is the right word in this case, but that is one pair of words that this course did not address.

This course is perfect for journalists, novelists, and students. Almost anyone who takes this course will learn something new. Some aspect of one’s writing capability will be enhanced through this course, and I highly recommend it.


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