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The following is a blog post that Cindy Cromeans wrote on February 20, 2011. This blog post is for the “guest blogger” blog assignment for my class.

Journalism Students by: Adam Tinworth

Poynter came into being to make sure that exemplary journalism is available to all Americans. To best ensure this, they have set out to teach those who “manage, edit, produce, program, report, write, blog, photograph and design,” whether they belong to a news organization or are entrepreneurs. They desire to help teachers and students in middle school, high school and college so as to produce a high standard of journalist for tomorrow.  They also want to teach the public to better understand the way journalism is made and how to perceived credibility for themselves.

The Institute has seminar rooms on their main campus at 801 Third St. South, St. Petersburg,. These rooms are used not only for teaching seminars.  They also sponsor community events and have world-class writers, broadcasters, photographers and designers, as well as other innovators in the media and business world.

Throughout the year, Poynter hosts a variety of special events to help members of the community to better understand the issues that surround journalists and other news professionals.  On March 15, 2011, the Institute will host journalist and best-selling author Bob Woodward.

Poynter’s NewsU partners with thousands of teachers.  They have a program called the Syllabus Exchange in which they allow teachers to share their teaching materials with other educators. Other tools for educators include a certificate program where teachers do the teaching and coaching, and NewsU provides various accessments, activities and readings that facilitate instructors in evaluating student skills and supplement other teaching materials.  They also provide training points that allow you to earn points every time you watch a webinar or participate in other e-learning at NewsU.  Later you can redeem your points for software, training, video tutorials, etc.

NewsU also has made many resources available for all journalism related issues.  Some of these include: resources for local investigative “watchdog” journalism,  and resources for covering the BP oil spill disaster.  I myself have had the opportunity to hone my skills through various online information and quizzes provided by NewsU. I have found them to be very helpful, and will make use of other topic assessments in the future. If you haven’t checked out the many offerings of Poynter Insitute and their NewsU courses, you are missing out on a great resource and you should rectify that situation right away!


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