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Jeremiah 29:11-13

Pokemon: 15 years of success March 10, 2011

Filed under: PR Connections — Angela @ 10:37 PM

Every company has an ace product, that product that keeps on selling. Public relations professionals have their work cut out for them when working for popular products or businesses in that they must to make the public realize again and again that there is worth in using or purchasing the product.  One such returning product is the Pokemon phenomenon. The Pokemon franchise has been a success for fifteen years now. An article that I read taught me many things that I did not realize go into having such a successful product. The Pokemon franchise extends beyond just the games. Gaming consoles have been designed with Pokemon themes. A television show and a few movies have been produced. Comic books and the card game are popular as well. Of course, there are the action figures  and plush dolls in the shapes of Pokemon characters.

Gaming companies should look at the Pokemon franchise as a guide for how to succeed because the industry has raked in $24 billion. That figure is only in regards to the games and does not include the other merchandise that has been released. That places Pokemon second after the Mario game series.

Bugs are what inspired Pokemon’s creation. Pikachu, the famous electric mouse-like creature, got its name from Japanese words that are used to describe electricity and squeaking noises. The world of Pokemon and some of the humans’ names in the game are based on real-life places in Japan and a couple of the guys behind the Mario franchise.

So why write a blog post on a kids’ video game? The reason is because it the Pokemon franchise can teach many lessons to PR workers. Friendship and loyalty are just two of the themes found the world of Pokemon. Teamwork is another huge factor of success. Never write something off as a possible source of enlightenment. After all, much wisdom can be taken from the most seemingly childish of places.


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