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Info Please! March 19, 2011

Filed under: Topics of the Week — Angela @ 10:35 PM

Infographics represent information, data or knowledge. They are used to explain concepts in  better and quicker manner. They can come in handy when trying to sell your company or product to the consumer or even advertiser, especially when the company or product is a new one. The main thing to remember when creating one is research and learning or knowing your stuff.

There are five factors to creating an infographic that is powerful and eye-catching.

1. Skeletons and Flowcharts

Since inforgraphics are used to serve the purpose of explaining new or unfamiliar concepts, use pay              attention to the way that it is designed. Keep it interesting yet simple to understand.

2. Color Scheme

Colors give everything a more vibrant feeling, but keep in mind that having too many colors will cause        distraction. Assigning certain colors to certain words or topics will keep audiences engaged and focused      on the presentation.

3. Graphics

There are two kinds of graphics: theme and reference. A theme graphic refers to the visual aid itself                whereas reference graphics are used to reduce the infograhic from appearing too cluttered.

4. Research and Data

Know your audience; there is a difference between marketing to kids and marketing to senior                            citizens. Aim to make the the amount of graphics equal to the amount of data presented.

5. Knowledge

Keep in mind the way that colors, font style, and font size affect the audience. Using bright colors to              depict a sobering reality will not have the effect you wish.

Infographics are a visual aid for an invisible concept that most people are still grappling to comprehend. Like with anything, learning how to make an effective one takes time, but the profit is rewarding. Infographics are not designed to make people feel stupid. The complexity or simplicity of an infographic is ultimately up to the designer. Since people are so visually-based, the more visual aids a company creates for itself, the better.


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