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Podcast Post March 25, 2011

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For Immediate Release is one of the podcasts that I chose to write about. Shel Holtz, one of the hosts for this particular podcast, interviewed the chief executive of RealWire, Adam Parker. RealWire is a UK-based service that distributes press releases to the public. They primarily service the UK, but they have clients in Israel and the United States.

In the podcast, Parker and Holtz referred to the new feature of RealWire- the PR Filter. It is a quick way to find news releases about what people are interested in without requiring them to search too hard. This feature will take some time to catch on, but it offers many answers to what people are looking for.

Holtz mentioned that for some, the press release is dead, but he and Parker agreed that press releases are still alive and well. Google offers responses to what is going on whereas press releases releases fresh information. The press release is just a tool, and if fused properly, is still effective. Parker says that press releases need to findable and update the way they are composed; in other words, press release writers need to be active on the web. Parker urges people to be creative and interesting in the way they write up their press releases.

With PR filter, the kinds of stories companies are telling is filtered and monitored. It offered RealWire the knowledge of what PR people are looking to write about. The top brand to write about was Microsoft. Secondly was Facebook. The topics of what people were interested was also discussed. The question is are these topics and brands too overwritten about. Are journalists and bloggers just writing about what they think people are interested in?

This comment really struck me. Journalists and bloggers should take some chances here and there. They should write about something that has not been covered by a hundred other writers. That will make their readership increase. New PR practitioners and students should take advantage of listening to podcasts about public relations because it will expand their knowledge. Listening to other voices with various experience in the field of communications is always advantageous. If new PR practitioners and students are serious about the careers or studies, they should take every opportunity to seek out more knowledge.



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