Dream Big; Live Bigger

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Blogging for Beginners March 31, 2011

Filed under: Topics of the Week — Angela @ 10:28 PM
1. Make it your own.

Come up with your own color scheme. Most blog sites offer users themes to choose from; employ one in your personal blog. Themes and colors make everything (yes, even reading!) more fun.

2. Do some research.

When you do research, make sure you link to where you got the information. The amount of research  you have done will be obvious; people will be able to tell if you know what you are talking about or if you are merely chicken-pecking at a keyboard.

3. Double-check grammar and spelling.

There is nothing so distracting as a misspelled word or poor grammar. Correct grammar and spelling will make your post(s) easier for people to read and understand which will reflect better upon you as a blogger.

4. Use pictures, short video clips, or other graphics.

Graphics, pictures, and videos make blogs (and other websites) more interesting. Typically, a reader’s eyes are immediately drawn to the graphic rather than the dull type.

5. Comment on other people’s blogs.

When you leave comments on others’ blogs, you in essence advertise your own blog. When you show interest in other people’s blogs, the likelihood of people becoming interested in your blog also increases.

6. Find out what other writers are blogging about.

Gain knowledge of what everyone else is blogging about, and then spin it with your own creative (yet accurate) flair.

7. Make the title interesting.

While graphics grab a reader’s attention when they have already opened  your blog post, the title is what grabs their attention to begin with. Play with sounds; make it flow; be funny; go out on a limb.

8. Speak your mind… respectfully.

When you blog, you have the power to say (almost) anything you want. Yes, Americans have the right to the freedom of speech, but be cautious to not offend anyone. Remember, there is a time and place for everything.

9. Make it lively.

Colors, themes, and graphics make things attractive, but there is more to being lively than just eye-popping features. Use descriptive wording.

10. Have fun.

The bottom line is: have fun. If your blog is just a school assignment, it can still be fun. If it is a business blog, it can still be fun. Blogging is a type of online diary or journal. You will only get out of blogging the amount of effort you put into it.


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