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Professional Networking: Benefiting Bonuses February 17, 2013

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I’ve discussed a few reasons why networking is essential to today’s professionals. Closely linked to reasons are benefits. You would hope that something that requires so much effort would come with some kind of benefit. Well, great news! Networking most definitely comes with benefits!

After picking apart the myriad of sites boasting this benefit of networking or that benefit of networking, I finally chose some of my favorite benefits. It is my intention that these listed benefits will inspire you to start (or continue) your networking journey. Just to keep my sources straight, I will list the benefits under which site I found them.

1. Business Brain Storming Business Brain Storming

  • Improving Self-confidence: Meeting new people on a frequent basis allows you to grow more comfortable in your own skin and more skilled in conversing with others.
  • Finding a Mentor: Networkers often meet other networkers who’ve been in the field for many years and know what it takes to succeed. Occasionally, a bond will be form between the two, and years of knowledge will be given to the younger networker.
  • Meeting New Friends: Networking is not merely adding people to your contact list; it is forming friendships. Remember, to treat the people you meet as friends and not as a means to climb the success ladder.

2. Jimi Jones

  • Making Connections: While you will meet many amazing people you will grow to love, sometimes these people will know other people they will want to connect you with. The more people you know, the bigger the circle of possible connections grows.
  • Increasing your Internet Presence: The more people you connect with and reach out to, the more traffic is directed back to your site, product, or business. By reaching out, you are really reeling people in at the same time.


Small Business BC

3. Small Business BC [British Columbia]

  • Raising your Profile: This extends beyond increasing traffic to your site. Networking helps expand your overall knowledge and helps you establish yourself as an authority in the field and causes your customers to respect you.
  • Finding Opportunities: One networking will lead to another and another and another. Filling up your calendar with social events can help you fill your bank account down the road.

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